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by kateralia

I had a surprising bout of anger, nearing a temper-tantrum, this morning. And what was it over? My missing hairbrush. Yeah thats low.

Its about the only thing I keep in the bathroom, it even has my name sharpied on it. I know it was there yesterday,when I didnt need it,  but it isnt there today when needed it.

Thats my life. Things are there when I don’t need them & gone when they’re needed. Mostly that’s because other people use my stuff, even though it has my name written all over it, & they dont care & they dont replace. Its not like I can replace them either!!

Now I know a hairbrush is just a brush, but its more the fact that I have been using my old ratty brush that everyone else has been using, cos its taken me so long to find another good cheap brush. I hear you say, well if it was cheapm go get another. For me to get another brush it will take me 3hrs & 3 busses to get there. I had multiple things to do in that centre,  so it wascworth it. But now I dont need to go there again.

Grrrrrr it just shits me off. Maybe I’m getting tired of being used & forgotten & I’m getting angry about it now, cos I never get that angry.


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charlieregal 10/25/2014 - 4:48 am

yes I know the feeling, when everything in your life is completely out of your control and the little insignificant things like your brush you are grateful you are in control of and then it’s just taken away. Taken away.

FreedomIsAMyth 11/2/2014 - 2:11 am

I used to poke fun at young girls ‘who’s biggest problem in life was a missing hairbrush.’

but for you it seems like there is a deeper issue. I hope you find your hairbrush.

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