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I’m back…

by bringkenziethehorizon

I haven’t been on this site in almost 2 years.. I thought abt it a lot but never had an opportunity to get on. I’ll fill yu guys in on Wats happened since last time I been here… I was in a foster home in merrillville where I started doing heroin. I got caught and tried to run away but the cops picked me up I was brought to this place called the crisis center (the A house or alternative home) it wasn’t so bad there I actually kind of miss it but of course at the time I hated it but I meet some awesome ppl and a very special person named Dylan but I’ll get to him later. After abt a month of being in that emergency placement the took me to a treatment facility. It was the most traumatic thing I’ve experienced and I can’t even explain y. After 7 months of being there I got out I thought life would start getting better from there which I did for a little bit but of course Wat goes up must come down. After I got out I met up with Dylan. It turned out my sister lives down the street from him but unfortunately very far from where I was living at the time. We stared dating and fell madly in love… I still love him but anyway I was living at home again with my mother who let me drink every day nd let a different guy spend the night when ever. Because Dylan was so far and because my mind was impaired more then half the time I need up cheating on the love of my life multiple times with multiple different men. I was always honest with dylan. Some times he forgave me right away and sometimes it took some time but he never stoped loving me. Long distance was hard nd he understood that nd he understood that I had issues and addictions nd he tried helping me as best he could. Eventually I realized that this is real nd that I loved him more then anything. Y do I hurt him. So after the realization I completely devoted my heart and body to him. So my relationship was fine and dandy as for living with my mother was a different story…
To b continued


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bee26 10/1/2014 - 1:14 am

I was just getting into your story and you hit me with a to b continued

bringkenziethehorizon 10/9/2014 - 11:21 pm

My apologies Idk when I’ll finish that one it’s kinda hard to relive it all

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