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What am I doing with my life?

by Lukas

I’m 18 and live with my father. I’m going to community college at the moment, and in order to stay in his home, one of the conditions I must meet is that I have to be pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I first tried nursing which I was extremely passionate about, but I was not making good enough grades to get into the nursing program at the 4 year college that I would attend next. I was making a C in anatomy when they said I had to have an A, and as a result I dropped out and now I’m going for a criminal justice degree, but have chosen this degree just so I’m doing something, so I don’t get kicked out. No other degrees interest me in the slightest. Criminal justice does slightly, but it doesn’t interest me that much. I though about doing an LPN program, as the grade requirements are not as strict, but my father won’t let me. I’m going to pursue a degree that I really don’t want, and I’m not looking to be a cop or anything, and my father won’t let me pursue my dreams. I feel so alone. I’m going to hate the rest of my life, and not to mention that I have an irrational fear of becoming homeless. Criminal justice jobs are hard to get and my dad will throw me out if I don’t have a job before graduation. I don’t want to live like that.

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Gary555 12/1/2014 - 3:38 am

That sucks. Being an LPN is helping people, and you want to do it and your father won’t let you? Pursuing a degree you have no interest in to get a job you hate, so your father will be happy that you have any bachelor’s degree is um ridiculous. Can’t you explain to him that you have an alternative way to get certified for nursing, which is what you really want to do and going down another path would ened up with you being miserable because you don’t want that?

If he doesn’t understand that I’d see if you can change where you live, maybe with some friends? Putting effort into studies you don’t want while taking time away from the prograns you do want to be in is wasting your time. Maybe your dad has to understand it’s your life and not his that you’re talking about.

If my kid was going to school to help people and he had to take a lesser degree to do that I would be supportive. I wouldn’t force him to do things he has no interest in just to be able to show me the piece of paper he’ll get.

I would explain this to him and if he still doesn’t get it or is too much of a controller I’d seriously look for anyplace else to live so you can pursue the studies that interest YOU.

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