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Virtual Reality is an escape from Reality , boring Reality / boring real life / boring real world / boring life !

by niki

Virtual Reality is an escape from Reality ,
Virtual Reality is the escape from Reality ,
this boring Reality (Reality is boring ) !
this boring real life (real life is boring ) !
this boring real world (real world is boring ) !
boring life ( life is boring) !

Seriously, when Reality is boring & mundane (even real Science is boring & mundane too, science fiction (sci-fi) is better than boring science real ! ) , Virtual Reality is the only TRUE / REAL progress for humanity / mankind / our human species !
with Virtual Reality (VR) technology , we can enter into UNLIMITED possibilities, UNLIMITED worlds / universes inside video games / video-games , movies , anime / manga , animations than this dull Reality , mundane Reality , boring reality , & LIMITED reality / real-life / real-world we are experiencing everyday !!

Reality is boring and LIMITED !! I hate Reality ! boring Reality !
Real life is boring and LIMITED !! I hate real life ! boring real life !
Real world is boring and LIMITED !! I hate real world ! boring real world !

I also hate this life, I hate people / humans (well.. MOST/90% of them), I hate reality, I hate this world.
its very BORING !! and especially nowadays become ONLY very materialistic, money / profits driven only, all about money, money, money, & image, image, image! ; it’s very superficial, shallow, and mundane boring!
I hate money !

Why movies, video games, comics, books, novels, anime/manga, creative Art, basically human’s IMAGINATION & fantasy is often/always a hundred times FAR much more interesting & better than this sad, mundane, boring, superficial, & very LIMITING life / world / reality ??…

Why movie , video game, novel, comics, book, anime / manga , basically human’s IMAGINATION & Fantasy is FAR MUCH BETTER & more interesting than this boring Reality / real world / real life ??…

easy examples:
‘fantasy’ or ‘sci-fi (sci fi / science fiction)’ movies (or video games, anime/manga, comics, novels, books, etc etc) like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Avatar, The Matrix, Sword Art Online, MMORPG / online games, etc etc have much more interesting & UNLIMITED worlds/realms/dimension & superpowers / magic & real ‘COOL’ superheroes , than this f*cking boring reality / realworld / reallife ???

if God really exists & real, then He/She/It must have played such a cruel, sick JOKE
for creating such “other-worldly / out of this world” type of human’s IMAGINATIONS / fantasy ,
….only just to STILL trap / imprison us humans (especially the *real* smart & creative types of people) inside this f*cking damn mundane, dull, very LIMITED, & boring reality/real life/real world (and also to be placed among MAJORITY (like 90%) of f*cking stupid, shallow, superficial, dull, boring, mundane, ignorant “ordinary/normal” people/humans all around me/us ???….

fuck this… !! fuck this life ! fuck reality ! fuck real life ! fuck real world !
please, just get me out of this reality , a cruel, sick, harsh, & boring reality … !!!

can anyone here agree? or relate or think/feel the same/similar with me?

(PS: also, how many of you here also have heard about: Virtual Reality (VR) , Lucid Dreaming , Astral Projection ?
I really wish/hope those things are true … so I can enter into the world/universe of IMAGINATION & Fantasy , .. & bye bye boring, mundane, harsh, & LIMITED Reality / LIMITED real life / LIMITED real world ! )


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Anunnaki 12/2/2014 - 5:35 am

Science is boring? Lol

niki 12/3/2014 - 2:01 am

science fiction is much better & more interesting than the mundane, dull, lifeless, boring real science fact.
for examples: just look at Star Wars, Star Trek, etc,
and tell me if you still think or prefer “real science fact” than science-fiction (sci-fi) worlds/universes of UNLIMITED possibilities .. !

JohnDoe 12/2/2014 - 7:22 am

Science is blinding…She blinded me with science!

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