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haunted by a hook up

by khajiit

it happened on a cold winter day
and was started by a romantic cliche
the ghost of being all alone
departed when you took me home
and shattered all I’ve ever known
I can’t forget the darkness that night
except for the beam of that brake light
the embrace of your king sized bed
softened all the words you said
and reminds me that I can’t forget
our bodies’ passionate duet
one minute you were drinking with me
and then the next we’re in neck deep
I still can taste the wine we shared
and feel the heat of our affair
now it’s been burned into my head
what happened on the night we met


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Morris 1/25/2015 - 8:51 pm

Some people say that there’s no such thing as a mistake, that life consists of a series of learning experiences. I would say that if you’re serving 99 to life in prison, then you’ve probably made a mistake which is less forgivable than one regrettable sexual affair.

Hey, the Patriots are going to the Superbowl. 🙂 Go Seattle!

5 seconds of stendarr 1/25/2015 - 9:06 pm

damn, i didn’t know how bad your band-wagon syndrome was, you should try taking pills for it – but only if you’re not prone to choking like peyton manning

yeah, i can’t believe it, the edelman-amendola pass during the raven’s game was insane

Morris 1/25/2015 - 9:16 pm

I’m not pro-Seattle, I’m just anti-New England (for the same reasons that you despise the NY Giants).
The Pats really did well this year (as much as I hate to admit it). They got off to a slow start but they deserve to be where they are now.
This deflate-gate controversy: Wtf? I actually thought it was a manufactured story when I first heard it. I mean really, who guards the footballs and who’s responsible for maintaining the proper PSI? Gotta have something to talk about I suppose.

Sorry for detracting from your post. Uh…..hope you feel better soon. For what it’s worth, I’ve made many romance related mistakes but I’ve never gotten an STD or suffered any long term trauma. Not to minimize your pain, but I think you’ll be ok. Keep writing. Your poetry does not suck. (And that’s saying something for this site).

theWhispersOfMySins 1/25/2015 - 9:57 pm

Good to see you stendarr. Enjoyed your writing as always.

Morris 1/25/2015 - 10:57 pm

Did you weep when the Oregon Ducks fell to the Buckeyes?
It’s ok if you did. This is a very supportive environment. No one will laugh at your misery.
A great defense beats a good offense 75% of the time.

I think New England and Seattle are evenly matched. I don’t think you’re going to get embarrassed Bronco’s style. Las Vegas odds-makers are actually giving New England the edge this year. Barely, but they are favored to win.
Me? I dunno. This one’s a close call. Both teams are good finishers. Both teams can make magic happen in the 4rth quarter.
That come from behind victory in the Green Bay vs. Seattle game was off the hook. Seattle scored 15 points in 44 seconds, I thought for sure the Packers would seal the deal. Man….that was a helluva game.
Who knows. I have no psychic abilities, but I’m pulling for the Seahags here.

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