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To Angela

by hogpotter

By the time you read this again, we may or may not have been together. Somehow I feel like writing this letter to you. We have been through many things. I know you have cried a lot, lost many things, screamed a lot, and died many times. But I need you to know that you are my reason to hold on. You are my greatest treasure and everyday I pray that you will be safe, alive, and healthy. God knows how I have begged him to not let you feel alone, to give me the strength to make up to you what you have lost. I know the days are hard, and I am sorry if I cannot give you the ultimate happiness. For I am getting old; time is slowly taking things away from me. I can’t run up the stairs again like when I was sixteen. But I pray God will let me use all the strength and time I have left to make you happy. And yes, I keep wishing and praying for you too, night and day.

And I guess… this letter has pretty much told you what I want to say. Remember, next time you decide to love someone, you gotta sacrifice everything. And, yeah, thank you for staying alive for me. It maybe a thousand days or a thousand years till we meet again, but always remember that my love for you is real.


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youwillneverknowme 1/11/2015 - 8:20 am

🙂 😀 i’m sure (whoever this is to) is gonna love this.

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