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I’m a loser , I am a loser in this cruel boring LIMITED real world , reality , real life

by niki

I’m a loser , I am a loser in this cruel boring LIMITED real world , reality , real life .. !

I am a 33 years old Asian guy, who used to have so many beautiful hope & dreams ,
and many people have told me that I’m a smart, multi talent , very creative, & wise person
but now the more I see this cursed world, people, humans beings, and this reality, the more I lose hope in humanity , losing hope in human beings, and also lose hope in myself & my future

you see ,.. Reality / real world / real life is cruel, harsh, boring, and LIMITED in so many ways/aspects !
human’s IMAGINATION like movie / movies , novels , comics, video games , books , music , anime / manga etc etc , human’s IMAGINATIONS are much more interesting & full of UNLIMITED / LIMITLESS possibilities than this boring reality / real-world / real-life !

Sadly/unfortunately , not many people , even perhaps only very FEW people who can eventually/finally be really honest and admit that there are so many LIMITATIONS living in real world / real life / reality , that can easily crush our dreams , hopes, wish, and childhood / childlike wonders .. !

For example : sometimes we took the WRONG choice / path in life , but the mistake / error was too fatal , that everything is TOO LATE now ! and we can’t climb the ladder of success anymore .. ! We then can only keep failing & falling , Nobody wants us for jobs / career , being judged harshly by people / human beings , and eventually , we become the LOSER / FAILURE ! How many stories of depressed / depression and suicidal / suicides we have listened because of this ? probably quite a LOT , if we don’t close our eyes / ears and be very HONEST & open-minded & have real empathy .. !

But most people / most human beings are stupid , most humans are stupid / dumb / idiot , and they still HOPE / DREAM / WISH and BELIEVE that they still can succeed , be a successful person with lots of Money , become famous , reach their dreams, etc etc ,.. while the REALITY / this real life / this real world often is harsh, cruel, and RANDOM!!!
Some people , some of us, can have tragedy after tragedy , misfortune after misfortune that keep coming to our life, NO MATTER even if we have “work hard” , etc etc !! REAL LIFE IS NOT LIKE MOVIES OR VIDEO GAMES OR COMICS BOOKS ! it’s sad but true reality .. !!

Also, I have finally observed and I see that people / human beings / humanity is HOPELESS !
We keep going into war , we like to destroy each other, hate each other (instead of helping each other) , destroy the planet, destroy mother nature / nature , animals , plants , kill , rape , judge each other ENDLESSLY by race, religion, money, social status, rich or poor, education or work background, and many other shallow, superficial things .. !
I lost hope in Humanity , I lose hope in humanity , I lost hope in human beings , I lose hope in human beings !

Movie / movies , novels , comics, video games , books , music , anime / manga is much more interesting & full of UNLIMITED / LIMITLESS possibilities than this boring reality / real-world / real-life !!! (example: Harry Potter world, Star Wars , Lord of the Rings , Star Trek , Marvels , X-Men , Sword Art Online , Log Horizon , Naruto , Bleach, One Piece, Final Fantasy , Skyrim , Kingdom Hearts , TRON , Narnia , Matrix , Avatar , etc etc .. !! )

Have any of you heard of Virtual Reality (VR) technology like Oculus Rift , also Lucid Dreams / Lucid Dreaming , Astral Projection / Astral Travel ? … I wish / I hope all those things are really REAL , so I can enter into another world / dimension / universe / realm of IMAGINATIONS , fantasy, dreams ,… and bye bye boring harsh cruel reality / real world / real life .. !!

Or ,.. if those things are not real , then perhaps suicide / die is better than to keep living / live in this cursed world full of stupid , obnoxious , shallow, superficial, idiot, boring, mundane, dull, ignorant, and hopeless people / humans beings .. !!

fuck reality , fuck real life , fuck real world ,
reality suck , reality sucks ; real life suck, real-life sucks ; real world suck, real-world sucks !
fuck people , people suck , people sucks ! human beings sucks , I lose / lost hope in human beings , I lose / lost hope in Humanity / Mankind species .. !!

I’m a loser , I am a loser in this real world / real life / reality , so should I just kill myself & commit suicide ?


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niki 2/23/2015 - 3:50 pm

please help..

i-Like-turtles 2/23/2015 - 7:52 pm

Find new things in life meet New people…you are not a loser Even if I don’t know you

inspiredsky 2/23/2015 - 9:46 pm

Firstly I’m curious why there are so many opt in your sentence such as reality/real world/real life? D:

This post is interesting, because I can say I’m an effective “hikikomori” as per this month. Video games, MMORPG, manga, anime, movies, and visual novel are awesome. It’s true that there are boundless possibility and imagination in this two dimensional world. I’ve heard Oculus Rift too, it’s terrifyingly superbly awesome. Lucid dream.. hmm I’ve been in one of those epic vivid dream. Maybe you could go check http://www.ld4all.com for more information about expanding and controlling your dreams into a lucid one if you really interested in it.

Even though /that/ world is awesome. Still, this real world is the one who supply us those materials. And I still have faith in humanity. Not all humans are keep going into war, hating, killing, judging, etc. I still believe that some of them still has kind heart and compassion somehow. Money makes them superficial, but money is not really everything. Once you die, you won’t carry anything and money isn’t always there to help you. Therefore, money is not priorities. I’m trying to override these material things to prior my parents and families (fyi. still in progress though T-T these online gaming drugs me in).

For me this life is interesting. really really interesting. even when I’m desperate. It’s still interesting. *weird* but that’s how I see life. Maybe you’re down now, but it won’t lasts forever, one day you’ll be okay and make the earlier shitty life become an experience to face tomorrow’s battle.

You’re not a loser. Don’t lose your hope before fighting it trillion times more.
Rather than be a loser, let’s choose to be a Fighter.

Go grab some wild flowers and try sleeping looking up to the night sky. Your existence is precious. Somehow. <3 Take care, YOU.

circle888 2/26/2015 - 5:23 pm

I agree with a lot what you say. Except the part where you say you are a loser. You “feel” like a loser because you feel that you are not winning. But what is winning? having lots of money, a great girlfriend or wife, a great job, a supportive family? as you said, that’s not necessarily reality. You may perceive that others have got it all, but do they really? Perhaps they also feel they need to show off and put on a fascade of doing well. In my opinion that too is an illusion.

Going into a computer game and living a fantasy life is also an illusion. The construct of the game was written by people. Their acute understanding of reward motivation keeps the player coming back for more. It wont help you being addicted to the gaming cycle or addicted to living in a genre, its just escapism.

I learnt quite late in life that life doesn’t play fair. There is no such thing as fair in life. But that is just the way it is. There is no point fighting it. You just do the best you can under the circumstances. If it fails, move on. try again. Don’t give up.

Hopefully over time you will slowly confront the issues that are before you. It needs to come within you though. Small steps. Life can be wonderful if we choose to look for the wonder. Life can be bleak if we choose to look for this as well. Try to reframe your life and where you are and who you are. Don’t give up. No matter what.

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