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by comomequieranllamar

Two years ag, I lived in Switzerland for a couple of months, working as an au-pair. I was in a small village, in the middle of the Alps.

Living there, the landscape, the routine with the kids, it made me feel so peaceful, that I desired to stay that way forever.

One day, I visited Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais.

After walking around that quiet and both modern and old town, I found a place where the town just stops and give space to the nature. It’s a big square, and just in front of it, all those flowering cherry trees. At the sides, two hills. One of them has a castle in the top, the other one has an abbey.

I just laid there for a while, listening to the silence, looking the landscape, feeling the gentle breeze and that little bit of the mountain sun. All that peace I never felt (even if I also live in a precious place with mountains and cherry trees).

Then, I took off my shoes (they weren’t ok to climb and I didn’t want to fall) and I went to the castle. Up there, looking to the precipice, I made a decision: if I ever wanted to kill myself it will be there. If the peace of being there don’t make me feel alive, at least I would die in such a beautiful place.


Do you have a place?

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Psych$in (kills) 2/27/2015 - 9:43 am

no place. canada is desolate this time of year. snow. everywhere. cold as fuck. not fun. not nice. no outdoor reprieve. location doesnt rly matter to me. somewhere isolated and alone is enough for me.

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