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cant be bothered

by lissbabe

Why is it that you ruined my life every chance it goes good, why do you feel the need, you may have rasied me but that wasnt your job to do your job was to be a sister yet you never was you made my life hell. I was the one cleaning your puke up i was the one doing food shopping you thought i would never cope in this life but ive done well im managing my life right now arent i. Just do me a favour and leave my life to me you caused chaos when we was younger we never would of gone into care if you would of just stayed in and looked after mom instead of going out and getting drunk and shagging random blokes no wonder i turned to drugs at a early age


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majesticwalrus 3/26/2015 - 8:29 pm

You shouldn’t decide to stay or go based on others’ thoughts of you. I am going to throw it out there that the person you want to be with sounds like a pig, though. But you aren’t alone, and all of us here love you. I may not know you, but I’m more pissed than you’d believe that you’re suffering right now. I wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullet for you…that doesn’t mean much coming from someone that wants to die, but you know what I mean. Whatever you decide is your choice, but just remember that we’re all here for you.

curfde 3/26/2015 - 9:54 pm

Not all people just lust for body. Body ages, people lose their looks. Its true when we are young we focus on looks but there’s plenty of people out there like me who value personality more than looks. I know because there’s this girl who was smoking hot I had a crush on for years, and she’s gotten more ugly but because I feel in love with her personality I would take her no matter what even now, but I can’t expose anyone to my problems lol.

Anyway, I am right here suffering with you so you won’t be alone. I can’t escape it anyway.

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