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Hate, Fuck, Die

by Sammi6xoxo

you. You think I’m fine. You think I’m happy. You see me smiling, But have you ever noticed that it never reaches my eyes? Don’t fucking tell me how much you care about me. You’ll be gone by morning. That’s fine. I don’t expect to be anything more than a quick lay. I don’t expect to mean anything to you. What you don’t see is that I’ve fucking lost it. I’m clinging to reality with all that I have, But my mind is so far gone. You couldn’t possibly imagine the things that I see when I close my eyes. You would run the other direction without thinking twice about it. You’d be terrified. To you, I’m Just a ***** that you haven’t fucked. To you, I’m Just a body that you ha havent touched. But to me, you’re Just another voice that won’t leave my head and another empty space in my bed. No. I don’t make it a habit of sleeping around. But you will be my last so I might as well make it count. Just don’t come crying to me when you mess around and get attached. Shit happens. your feelings aren’t my problem. I’ll be gone soon anyways.

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killswitchon 3/21/2015 - 2:54 pm

That moment when you realize you’re just a body and an empty fuckin’ shell

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