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imagine monsters. depressions?

by i-Like-turtles

I always play out something in my head like for example, if I imagine myself going to my room to put curtains up I imagine seeing a face in the window… But I never see them just imagine them and it’s always the same monster just different at times.. Β It’s always a white face or mask with black hole for eyes or just souless pitch black eyes or something on the stair case… Someone touching my feet when I’m a sleep or when laying in bed i imagine seeing a shadow crawling around on the floor.. I get sculed at for leaving the lights on when I sleep… So what now? I imagine them not see them is this what depression doing or my anxiety.. I’m paranoid… I’m 16


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jor 3/7/2015 - 10:20 pm

Have you talked to your parents about this? It could be definitely be because of your anxiety or depression. If this is causing you paranoia and stress, I think you should talk to someone you trust.

Let me know how things are going. πŸ™‚

i-Like-turtles 3/31/2015 - 3:44 pm

hey jor lol thanks for replying and yeah i freak out most of the time and at night i get so scared of cars passing by for no reason i always running and hiding from them. makes me nervous
and i did told my doctor about the shadows but he blew me off like it was nothing

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