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by Sammiekat

I miss my father, I think it’s been two years since he disowned me. Kinda funny why he did what he did.

If I call correctly;  I started cutting, and wanted to tell him. I texted, I called, I emailed, I called again. No replies for 6 months, and the first thing he said to me was,

“This is unacceptable. How are your grades?”

It hurts.


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violet5 3/21/2015 - 4:51 pm

He sounds emotionally constipated. Many people don’t understand cutting. They disrespect us, fear us, for it. Some people are just Dicks about it. My closest sister said recently that cutting is “the most pathetic thing ever.” (She doesn’t know that I cut.)

Ryder 3/21/2015 - 7:34 pm

You don’t need people in your life who hurt you. If your father mistreats you, I say disown him. You’ll probably never stop missing him, but you didn’t lose him; he lost YOU. Save your love and tears for someone who’s worth it.

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