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What is there left to do?

by falling_soup

I feel so alone and like there is nothing left for me to do anymore. I do not see a point of me being here. I am going to plan things accordingly.. Until then.. I am going to do what ever it is to be okay but I need to figure out a better method. I do not like to put a lot of thought into it because sometimes I get scared about what ever it is that could go wrong and I would still be here. I hate that I have to suffer inside and that no one at school or at home sees that.

I may never get better. I am going to end it anyway so I guess I don’t even have to try to get better. I am in such a rough spot these days it feels like it may never end, but I know that it will end because I am going to end it..


I am sorry to be a burden. I am sorry I wasn’t good enough




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killswitchon 3/11/2015 - 10:13 pm

Soup, I’m here for you girl. You’re more than a little sister to me. You’re a wonderful soul. Closer than family. Keep fighting the good fight. I believe in you, remember? Keep going. I will too.

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