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by perfect2bones

Blood: mine and everyone else’s. It becomes an obsession. I love to see it. The very thing that keeps us alive. Available in large or small quantities. In small portions it can be a necessity, yet deadly to someone else! And in large it can drain you of the essence of life. It oozes from a cut as a throbbing life form becoming free. Entering the real world and clinging hopelessly to the skin only to be brushed off and thrust into a hostile environment. Drying and dying, the blood and its gift of live wither away into a dark, hard shell of its former existence.
I relate to blood in many ways. Several people rely on me for their well-being, and if I were to show my true self, they would expel me. And they would continue in the absence of me, relieved to be rid of my toxicity just as I am of my blood. And then I wither and die as a shadow of my familiar self.
I see blue and black and red… ahhh, purple. A royal color. To a royal finish I hope…

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