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The Way of Death

by ganeshkarch

Hello Fellas,

I have a very painful story.. My uncles & grandparents betrayed my parents when they were newly married.. They were out of house and money.. My mom has a psychological disorder.. My dad has so many confusing decisions.. My uncles killed my 3 elder Siblings.. I am the younger one and the one and only son of my parents.. By the situations and time.. I saw everything Bad.. Some goodness.. I am in love.. But i cant get her.. Bcz she’s in another country.. I was going kill myself last night by jumping off balcony.. But i saw a news in TV infront of my building.. A soldier was died in a war.. Then i ran out of my house.. And going to join in Army.. I will die for my country in a war.. Killing and Dying Day by day.. war by war.. I am a Solider… Be a Soldier.. This is the way to suicide Heroically.. Bye fellas and I will be in news some day…. INCOMING SOLDIER………………….

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quaero 4/24/2015 - 1:42 am

Bye. Good luck.

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