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Black sheep

To start off, my parents divorced when i was really little. My dad remarried almost 4 years ago. In those 4 years living with my dad and stepmom, my dad started to really force his religion on all of us. My stepmom had 5 kids in her previous marriage, but only 2 live with us. Z (male) and K (female). My dad is mormon, and from what i’ve heard from my friends, when i told them my dad’s religion, they all groaned and said things like “Oh my god, Mormonism? Really? I feel so sorry for you. Mormons are super controlling”. From my experience, what they say is so true. My dad is really controlling and forced mormonism on me. Everyone else in my stepmom’s family got baptised, but after i turned 13, I realised how much i actually didn’t want to be mormon. From my experience, i’ve learned that mormons are really shallow-minded and don’t like hearing others’ opinions. Especially when i came out as bisexual, my dad and stepmom weren’t very happy (apparently mormons are also very homophobic, transphobic and slightly racist). They said that they were disappointed in me. I hated them since then. I also live with my mom once in a while, thank god. Despite having a divorce, my birth parents actually get along very well. When came out to my mom, she was supportive and cared. I was happy. That’s also when i learned that my parents got divorced mainly because my mom didn’t want to join the church. This terrifies me. Because i knew right there and then that i was the black sheep in my family. I hated everyone too. I also decided to have no religion. Now as an atheist, i feel more free, except that my dad still tries to convince me to be mormon, but it’s not going to work. Family-wise, i think the worst part is over. Thanks for reading my story. I really appreciate it 🙂 I just needed to get this off my chest and now it feels amazing to get it out there.


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soulsister 5/14/2015 - 7:25 am

God on you girl, I can’t stand Mormons either. F*** God and just believe in yourself. 🙂

cephalus 5/14/2015 - 11:35 pm

Haha, yes. I was raised mormon.. Yes, very homophobic, transphobic, racist, extremely sexist… Glad you are an atheist, welcome to the club! Yeah, your dad probably won’t give up, but, depending on the type of mormon, it sounds like he won’t stop talking to you (some disown and cut you off, which is why it still has a cultish status).

Anyway, you have a friend here who understands!

Keep your stick on the ice!

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