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Memories they haunt me

by Beast

I woke up quite early today, thought I’d grab the chance to enjoy The Witcher 3.. Turns out I should of slept away half the day instead. I dont know how but my most recent ex came into mind, its been over half a year but still.. Such happy memories, how can I possibly stop comparing what I am now, what I have now, with what I once had… Im over her, but I would like.. this kind of happiness again, with someone else.. anyway I know throughout our lifetime on this miserable planet we have our ups and downs, I’d like an elevator lift out of the basement.. Oh the elevator is out of order you say? I am too.

Hours later this day I was contacted by a friend, told me he had a weird request on the behalf of someone, sounded awfully weird I thought. Turns out my ex wonders how I am doing and would like me to unblock her for a bit. Sounds good doesn’t it? Wanna know whats gonna happen? Soon im gonna know what an amazing summer vacation she will have and how amazing everything in her life is, and she will take great pleasure on the fact that.. I am myself, by myself, with no plans for anything. Why do I allow her to do this? Why not.. if I can make one person feel better by being an asshole then at least I have done some good.


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Specter 5/28/2015 - 5:21 pm

Hah, I am currently using The Witcher 3 to try to forget my problems too. Great game, actually keeps me distracted for a few hours. Talking to an ex usually just prolongs pain, especially if you can already predict that she probably just wants to brag about her life or be critical of yours. You do have the option to say no to the request, or say you’ll only agree to talk for one evening and find out what she wants.

Beast 5/28/2015 - 6:14 pm

Great game indeed, so far I have invested 41 hours of my life in it and I dont even believe I am anywhere near close to completion. Games are perhaps my biggest distraction, to have the option to escape to a different world.. However it is not always enough or as easy as it sounds, im sure you understand. I have put a lot of thought into wether I should unblock her or not, you make me doubt again.. ugh I know its gonna be shit but I feel I can handle it.. and it will probably make her feel better, besides the weekend is coming and I have a bottle of cognac by my side.

Req4ADream 5/28/2015 - 5:48 pm

from my experience i wouldnt talk to her. all it will do is bring up old feelings and questions.

Beast 5/28/2015 - 6:16 pm

I see your point, if I go through with it I will keep things as simple as possible and not hesitate to end the conversation.. thank you friend.

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