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by Nihilism000

To all those who are suicidal and read this. Your situations vary, your reasoning for wanting to end it all are different. But, I’m not one for good advice, nor am I happy really. I’ve dealt with my share of suicidal thoughts as well. This is based on my experiences.

So you have no friends, no one likes you it seems. Why? Maybe, try to talk to people more if you don’t, it may be that they are like you, or are just apathetic and need a friend like you to talk to and hang out with. Maybe everyone truly doesn’t like you, which is unlikely, someone is bound to like you unless your a huge assholes and isn’t nice, which you shouldn’t be complaining if that’s the case. If not, find friends other places, go to events that interest you, anime? Music? Whatever.

Love? Yeah most people are probably or have had bad relationships in the past, humans aren’t perfect, we have different personalities and different thought processes. Don’t let love be the reason you want to go, there’s 6 billion people on the planet, your bound to find someone if your looking for someone. Don’t be with someone because your afraid of being alone, be with then because you truly like them and feel loved around them. Love hurts, most will be hurt by love, it’s a risk we all take when we love someone, always be prepared for that. Don’t, give someone all your heart, because if it turns sour, your heartbreak will be tenfold.

Abuse, now if you have parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse that is abusing you, whether mentally or physically, you need to end that shit immediately. Do what you need to do to stop that shit. Call the fucking cops if you have to, life is to short to be treated like shit, my dad abused my mom when they were together, me and my brother beat the shit out of him, I have no patience with people like that, I don’t care who they are to me.

And before this post gets too long, I will give one piece of advice, if you seem to have a good life, but you just feel empty, apathetic or/and feel like you nothing to live for, chances are you are living a life that’s not yours, you are being forced to be someone your not because you may be afraid of being judged, of course I don’t know if that’s the case or not lol. Be who you are, be yourself. Don’t pretend so people will like you. Or if that’s not why you feel this way, maybe your missing something in your life, maybe it’s just repetitive, maybe you need to get out and have fun. Take a day off work, be crazy once in a while, just do something and have fun.

And my final and I think, anyhow, most important piece of advice, Do not let the opinions, judgements, and actions of anyone dictate your life and your depression. Do not rely on anyone to be happy, once your happy with your self, you won’t care what anyone thinks of you.

I’m out, hope I helped some of you out there. Good luck and may good fortune shine upon you all.


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Katki 6/17/2015 - 12:15 am

…Thank you for this

MoonShine 6/17/2015 - 6:09 am

Why did you make a new account instead of posting with your previous account?
How can I believe you that you are “nihilism00” from the past? Are you impersonating someone else?

Nihilism000 6/17/2015 - 7:32 am

Because I lost my password. I know I’m me, so honestly, Can’t really prove I’m not because all of what supposedly you know about me come from my past posts. Plus, you do realize my last post from that account was more than three years ago right? I know this is the Internet and people do incredibly dumb things, but I can assure you, that I am the same guy who used to post the weirdest stuff and chatted with several other users that I really loved talking to. I won’t name them of course.

MoonShine 6/17/2015 - 9:31 am

yeah ok. I believe you. I too forget my passwords many times. And after forgetting them, I recover them through either email or phone number.

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