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by lonelyguy91

I want to die really. I turn to people around me and tell me I should work. how can I have ambition if everything in my life sucks. Im ugly , I’m going to die alone, why continue? im tired. I hate being me and I want to get out of here. I really do.. im trying to see the few good things I have but its hard. I want to hang myself its the only way I could do it

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cephalus 7/1/2015 - 9:44 pm

Working can help you continue living… Do you enjoy anything? Something as simple as vacuuming? Video games? Reading? Arguing? Do that, become the 4 square king. If you are really lucky there might be something you have always wanted to-do. Or someplace you have always wanted to see. If you find you are so lucky, do it. Sometimes having a goal is everything. I don’t think you have to be the best or even great at something to enjoy it. Visit the grand canyon. Work at Mc’Donalds and save up for a motorcycle… I guess that’s my answer, if you can’t live for others, live for yourself.

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