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Loveless, lifeless, numb

by loser94

I dont think anyone can hate me just as much as i hate myself . ive been rejected so many times for so long i honestly end laughing at myself because idk why im putting up with . i dont even know why i continue to look live with depression . someone that is alone like myself will never beat depression or ever find someone to care about me. Sometimes i just sit and imagine to myself how my life would be if i wasnt alone depressed or being with someone special to me but reality is always outside of my mind .im finally begining to wear down. Idk whats the point of my existance . idc if i overdose , kill myself or die in anyway i have become almost immune and numb because if anything happen i think i could be in peace or in hell but idc cus if god Is the one making me suffer why the fuck should i want to see him . i dont have anything to lose except my reality, loneliness and depression. Heres to hoping god finishes me off and ends this cruel joke i call my life.


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lonelyguy91 6/5/2015 - 1:47 am

I think the same. I just wish I could get cancer or some sh$%^ like that.

agooddaytodiehard 6/5/2015 - 6:14 am

I think you guys need to seek help your problems are not that deep just that you don’t like being alone that’s relatively normal when your mind is warped then you have problems i mean i believe that if a person no longer wishes to live their life we should have the option of being injected and put to sleep down sides: ok family will be upset and distraught but if you have no purpose no motivation no will to want to live why should we be forced to take our own lives in such ways that we do, plus sides: upon giving up because we have no purpose fight determination and motivation, we save someone else by organ donation, yes it affects family but people have to respect that its our lives if we no longer wish to live its our right to decide what right do others have for us to suffer mentally in our heads battling away becoming weaker and weaker making us suffer and pro long the inevitable

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