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Talk to someone about something relevant, and most people will respond like they are not interested.

People that prioritize their fantasies at the expense of the reality of things are, sadly, the byproduct of a lack of education, cultural indoctrination, or more drastically, some genetic outcomes, being a victim of violence, extreme poverty, sickness, addictions, to name a few…

Now try to fix or to solve a universal, a global, a regional or a local problem, because that idea you got is closer to an optimal state, clearly realistic, and/or overall less or not problematic at all. You will be stopped, discouraged, even stigmatized by many atm if you don’t “conform” to “their reality” as a group or, more often seen, as an individual.

If that even means something.

Let me add that reality is independent from experience, in this Universe.

If you’re not aware yet.

Yet we use experiences in order to seek a universal truth, shared by all, everywhere known.

No wonder that a lot of folks think about suicide, or act violently in response to their suicidal thoughts or particular background.

Because 1) people are, have been or will be overwhelmingly dishonest with them, for all the above reasons, and

2) they lose a big part of their hope, as a result.

A situation that can act like a virus within us.

And spread rather quickly.

The remaining subjects are the ones that are “completely” disatisfied with themselves or the situation(s) they faced/are facing currently, for which I can’t do much other than try to wake them up, to help somehow, if it’s even possible (depending on the case/stage/level of technology) or my responsibility to do so.

And no, I’m not religious, not affiliated with any culture nor slave of “society” as we may call it, and for a good reason.

I’m just trying to be honest,

living well in hopefully — what will become an all-around responsible and sustainable world.

* * *

That’s a goal, obviously, not truly shared by many in this day and age.

Or not thought thoroughly.

Like it should be.

Since it affects deeply our kind, and life around.

Proof: look at the content posted on this website.

   “Hopefully, one day, suicide will be a thing of the past.”

      *Feel free to comment, to add on the subject, to share your story, etc.*

      And please, decent English so people can read not decipher — what you’re saying! 😉

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