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It’s scary

by DepressedBitch

a lot of the time I don’t even know why I’m feeling the way I do…is it my past?

i can just wake up and just feel like I want to die…I don’t want to get out of bed I stay in the dark no tv or anything and turn my phone off….

some days r good tho and I can laugh and smile then it’s back to this dark place….

i don’t like living like this I want to escape it and the only option seems to be suicide….

i don’t see any other way.


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Mono 7/31/2015 - 12:41 pm

This is how I feel so I looked at the things that were bothering me in my life. However small they were it was a bother and I wrote a list. My aim is to fix it so that I can feel better but I’m scared I will still feel this way when it’s over. The evidence that I won’t feel this way is that with each thing I cross off I feel a little less stressed and more relieved and happy. I suppose that’s why I’m holding onto hope to getting better. I want to for my partner, he is in the same situation and I figured. It’s no wonder we are both not able to lift each other up, we feel so down. Even if one has an on day and the other is off … it’s still an off day. I don’t want off days any more. I need to keep fighting these thoughts and feelings but you’ve pinpointed it for me in this post. I wish you the best. <3

lonelyguy91 7/31/2015 - 5:16 pm

yeah the past is nice. but being nostalgic is making things worse. renew your way of thinking and then things will brighten up. it sounds false, but trust me

DepressedBitch 7/31/2015 - 5:56 pm

I always try to but In the end I’m back where I started….it seems useless…
& at times I wonder what my problem is and I’m scared to talk to people because I feel like they will think I’m crazy or something or they will tell someone else….

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