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Why I Want to Die

by hiitsme0819

Honestly, I don’t. Just the though of taking my life scares the shit out of me. I just feel like i no longer have anything left worth living for. Everything i have ever known is gone. My new life is so fucking pathetic. The same exact routine day after day. No ambition to even try and do anything different.
Any hope of a “normal” life i may have had in the past is gone. I may have what i need to survive, but is that really living? Is that reason enough to keep pushing through, to keep telling myself i can make it for one more day? I’m not really so sure anymore.

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M3T4LH34D 7/22/2015 - 7:17 pm

life just sucks this is it. if you hate it ..change it. you are a human like everyone else nothing is immpossible. just look at your bleesings and count them . then use them! never lose hope , its the only thing that keeps humans alive

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