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25 pounds of poppy seeds.

by johnwhogivesashit

I LOVE Poppy seeds so I bought 25 pounds with the last of my amazon store credit. It’s just orgasmic.  Everybody should try it. 😉 Question who thinks I’m really fucked up?



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Schiz018 8/5/2015 - 2:31 am

Dunno man what do they do for you? Grow it for opium.. ? Good when you get your teeth pulled out

Schiz018 8/5/2015 - 2:34 am

I use to grow Hawaiian morning glory but itcwas a year away from flowering before me and the wife split LSD 🙂

Req4ADream 8/5/2015 - 2:42 am

woo sounds expensive. sounds like a lot of tea though.

johnwhogivesashit 8/5/2015 - 3:32 am

You wash them off and get so fucked on the morphine codine, thebyne “tea ” take a water bottle fill with seeds 3/4 put hot water in shake for 2 minutes and poke the cap with a knife twice in shape of x. Squeeze bottle till all liquid is drained into a cup of any mixer. Oj and cranberry are best tho. Add ice. Drink and all day relief awaits for about 1 americano greenback. Plus poppy seeds are legal.

gwerg 8/5/2015 - 4:35 am

How does it feel? I am tempted to try it

kills 8/5/2015 - 11:18 am

sounds like a trip

johnwhogivesashit 8/5/2015 - 11:44 am

Well morphine is morphine which makes up about 20-30% of the good stuff which can also be made into heroin. Which after your body euphoric experience breaks down into morphine anyway in body. Codine makes up like 30-40% and is what is in tylonol 3 good on its own and of course used to make hydrocodone aka vicodin and then the thebyne which is the rest usually less than the morphine percent wise. This actually gives you a stomach ache but is what they use to make oxy cotin. I’d say an 8 ounce glass of the stuff mixed cause it tastes like shit is like the equivalent of taking 3-4 vicodin. 12 hour feeling. Most people get upset stomach first time. After first time body gets used to it. But you can take a lot and you throw up before overdosing. Large amounts of tea are unnecessary. No pain all day. It’s totally not an everyday thing to do. I usually do it every 3-4 days at most and often many weeks or longer in between. I suppose you could get addicted to it like any opiate. The seeds themselves contain nothing good. You are washing off the poppy flower latex that coats the seeds in the flower. Essentially opium. If you washed a ton of seeds and evaporated the water some how you could smoke the resulting powder prob. That’s why people that eat poppy seeds can show false positive for drug tests. They do a more advanced one to confirm and find the amounts of each metibite consistent with eating poppy bagels for instance or poppy cake and nobody has to know you get fucked up on poppy seeds. It’s totally legal to transport.

johnwhogivesashit 8/5/2015 - 11:54 am

Also they are cheap. 5 pounds of unwashed seeds is like 27 americano greenbacks on amazon. That’s enough for about 30 doses. More or less. Seed batches can vary wildly in quality so I always recommend starting small. You can always take more. Seeds from Spain are widely considered most potent and UK grown second best. Sincerely nuts is a good brand I’ve never had bad seeds from. Read the amazon reviews lol. It’s like an internet gem nobody knows about. Take a lot and you definitely will be nodding out. Recommend drinking it not on empty stomach and if you want your buck to go even further. Take 2-3 tylonol or anything with acetaminophen. It potentiates the effects making it stronger and more awesome. Also benadryl does the same thing

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