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Do i comment on methods? Its a duty really

by johnwhogivesashit

If I see somebody on hear talking about killing themselves I of course think about the method. Hm I say wow why would this 15 year old want to take a bottle of tylonol. “That’s awful. Hey don’t use tylonol kid…it just kills your liver and you go thru a week of organ failure regretting your attention seeking shit or really wishing you were dead already. Slow and horrible or quick and painless. Suicide is a choice. It’s the ultimate choice. The only choice you make by and for yourself. I believe in choice. I also believe almost nobody chooses slow and terrible as a real option if they are serious. Serious people choose trains and noose and gun to the head. People that want to be noticed say fuck it I’ll just take this random bottle of pills and Mary can find my cold blue corpse. That will show all of them. Just saying if I was seriously considering which I have I’d like somebody to tell me hey. The train sounds pretty good but don’t do the subway cause half the time you get bounced into the 3rd rail and eletrocuted… Slow and horrible again. Or hey you’ll want a fast one. If the train is doing better than 40mph you have almost a 100% chance of dying and within the first couple minutes and you’ll probably be unconcious. Pick that slow train and damn slow and horrible again. If it’s going slow the average time of death is 15+ minutes and only 80% effective. So when I do say something about a method I think wow they are in so much pain already they probably don’t want slow and horrible….

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jaide 8/12/2015 - 2:30 am

Yes, please discourage it. They will wind up worse off, sometimes with permanent damage and sent to a mental hospital. Pure torture. I vote for trying to intervene in this scenario.

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