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by lissbabe

When you come to think of those hard times you’ve been through you would think that you wouldn’t want it to happen again. Even though i have a boyfriend I know that i can’t lean on him when i’m upset or depressed because whats the point in bringing him down as well as myself… there is no point just because i have a fucked up life doesn’t mean i should fuck up anyone else’s and even though it pains me to write on here expressing my feelings i know that others have been feeling the same way as i have been and still am. Don’t get me wrong i love my boyfriend to bits however i just feel like he could do way better then me… i’m a model yet i feel like i don’t belong because everyone is so beautiful there and yet they are the most nicest people i could ever meet. My boyfriend could do way better then me it still surprises me that his with me to this day even when i’m depressed. Please anyone out there just tell me whether i should end my life now or should i fake my happiness… I know in my previous status i said that everyone has a happiness but even i myself haven’t found it however i have my best friend and my boyfriend to thank for they are the reason i am still breathing to this day.

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copelessness 8/1/2015 - 11:07 pm

Don’t feel like you would drag your boyfriend down. Give him the opportunity to be there for you.
Loving someone means through good and bad. It’s not about one person weighing the other down. It’s strength that gets you through when you can’t find it in yourself. It’s a journey you take together. And if there is the ability to share your problems and be able to rely on one another, it will make you closer and stronger as a couple because there will be that honesty between you.
Give him a chance to show you how much you mean to him, that you aren’t a burden at all. Perhaps you will come to realize that he doesn’t want anyone “better” than you, that you are all he has ever wanted.
I had someone once who thought like you, but she didn’t realize that she never brought me down. She gave me hope. She gave me strength. She made my life better than it had ever been. No matter how depressed and sad she was, she made me happier and more whole than I had ever felt.
Please don’t think you aren’t enough for your boyfriend. Maybe it’s enough that you are who you are.

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