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Loosing all hope

by lissbabe

People used to always tell me I looked like my sister… she was my best friend through out all the shit we went through, never leaving my side and always by me. She was my rock but then things just got way out of control and then we separated and it’s still so new to me because I’m not used to not seeing her or her not coming to me for advice … no one told us how hard it is to loose someone so close to you. I wish she could see me living my dream and be there cheering me on but I guess fate had different plans. I wish I had the chance to tell her how much I love her and miss her and just to tell her I’m sorry.


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Disposable Human 8/4/2015 - 4:27 am

I hope you can continue living your dreams regardless. You seem too wonderful for anything less. And it’s okay to now look her for advice. Learning from her presence, conviction, and demeanor can help you guide and mold you. Your pain may not ever truly diminish but your love is clear to see. She will always know you love her. Keep being you, your fortitude is admirable.

lissbabe 8/7/2015 - 9:13 pm

Thank you that means a lot to me. But honestly I’m far from wonderful. But thank you.

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