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Mission Unstoppable: Mission LA – Update 5 – Barrie

by kills

Hi #killrz it is time to celebrate my oil change, new license, new passport, insurance, and hopefully an etest and stickers. It’s going to be a great fuckin’ day on the road. I’m here in a Tim Horton’s in Barrie just chillin’ with my orange juice about to sign up for some auto insurance bitches. Fuck yeah huh?


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tphg 8/7/2015 - 5:09 pm

keep on truckin’ dude! I just looked at a google map to see your progress so far and you’ve driven quite a bit already. Doesn’t seem that much further either; another 40 hours or so. Should be a great next few days for you getting to see all that open road. Glad to hear you’re going to make it work with your car. keep at it!

Limited_infinity 8/7/2015 - 7:57 pm

Kills. Dude. You’re pretty inspirational! Understatement of the centuary right? I love the idea of saying fuck to what life throws at you and getting out there to make it happen for you. I envy you my good man. All the best with all of your endeavours 🙂 \m/

HereticBlood 8/7/2015 - 11:07 pm

Hell yes Kills!! So glad to see you doing whatever it is you’re dreaming of! Keep goin on and fuckin smash it in the ground!!

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