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Sucky week.

by johnwhogivesashit

So I went to my psychiatrist last Thursday. Got a new script for vyvanse 50mg and a refill on my ativan 1mg 3 times a day. And he doubled my wellbutrin which seems to be working. Idk anyway first time taking a prescribed stimulant and fuck the vyvanse is strong. I couldn’t get it till Friday because of insurance crap needing pre auth. Anyway so I ate breakfast on Thursday skipped lunch and turned in early with no dinner. Finally got the vyvanse and took one at like 2 o’clock cause wanted to see how it was. That kept me up till like 5 am. I had gone to the casino boat on Friday after grabbing my med in the morning . I lost my full bottle of ativan at the casino. Went back Saturday morning to get it when they said they found it. Got it from security desk and went gambling for an hour or so. I had taken a second vyvanse early Saturday so I wouldn’t pass out figuring I could crash sunday. Anyway they had free valet parking so I figured why not right. I took an ativan when I went in just grabbing one out of the bottle. As I was waiting for the valet to come back I opened my bottle of ativan. 90. I had taken 1 the day I got it and 1 the morning I picked it up from security desk. So should have been 88 left. Seemed like less than a full bottle so I counted them right then and there turns out there was 49 pills in a bottle that should have 88. So I go complain back at the security desk asking who turned them in. They said call the cops they can help so I did. This ***** cop shows up and starts giving me the third degree. Asking times and I was like idk you can check the tapes they have camera everywhere at the casino. I said I think whoever found my pills stole them. She starts asking me if I sold some or gave my friends some. I’m like I don’t like you implying I’m involved in felony drug dealing. She goes and checks the tapes. Comes back and asks me if I want to change my story I say no why. Apparently I dropped them walking in out of my pocket when I grabbed for my wallet and some guy grabbed them and walked straight to the security desk with them so he didn’t steal them. This ***** gives me like the 3rd degree about my hazy time line and story about missing pills and keeps asking if I sold them. She like you didn’t mention going to the parking lot over there. Did you sell them there. Fuck no. I couldn’t remember then I was like oh yeah I went to dunkin donuts and came back to the casino right away and paid with my debit card. She’s like are you sure we can check those tapes too. All the while I’m a little disoriented and confused and can’t remember the order of things well. Cause I’ve been up since Thursday and its Saturday about 12. She threatened me with felony false police report or some shit and was like we can take this to court or you can help the drug task force catch dealers and I’m just like wtf I called you people to help. Idk what happened to my script. I think I would remember spilling almost 40 pills. Basically just kept saying I have no idea what happened I didn’t sell shit. Finally they dropped the crap after like an hour of me just repeating and not copping to their imagined bullshit. Asking me about my drug problem and how many extra did I take bla bla now that I’ve had time to think I had gone to the casino twice the day I lost them and left the new pills in my glove box. The valet had to have stolen them before I came in again and dropped them. I had just grabbed them the second time to bring in when I did drop them. It’s the only logic I’ve got cause even if I spilled 40 odd pills I would have found at least one somewhere and I looked  everywhere. Long story short I wasn’t feeling to good Sunday morning. I guess that tends to happen when you haven’t eaten or slept since Thursday morning and its Sunday. Vyvanse are a hell of a drug. It suppressed my appetite so much I forgot to eat for 4 days. I just kept thinking I’ll eat later. I swear it’s got the feeling you get when you will be hungry in like 2 hours when I smelled food and when I didnt have any food to smell I felt perfectly content not full but not hungry. Like I had just had a filling lunch 2 hours ago but not bloated or full feeling just not hungry. So yeah either the valet stole the pills or I was just so out of it from not eating for 2 full days when they were asking me shit and I really don’t remember doing something with 40 pills. Idk I’m inclined to think I would remember doing something with so many pills. After they gave up trying to get me to cop to their imagined drug dealing at the dunkin donuts or some shit they told me to tell my doctor. I’m scared tho and paranoid. I don’t want my script cut. Really I just started on them last month and they really help my anxiety. I’ll either have to take less than half my normal doses or try and get it replaced. The government blows. You just can’t win. Lose your meds and you are fucked and selling drugs….idk. Ironic how losing my anxiety meds led to way more anxiety than I was dealing with before and I couldn’t take one while the cops were “investigating” I mean  interrogating. They don’t do real police work anymore. Fine police work Elgin il ?


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Mf 8/19/2015 - 7:06 pm

Hopefully that situation will work itself out. No chance in hell that you forgot about those 40 pills or that they just vanished, so if they have no proof against you just keep to your story. Thanks for sharing this by the way, i know it must be a crap situation but i have to admit it was fun to read.

johnwhogivesashit 8/23/2015 - 1:43 pm

Yeah idk I’ll prob just wait for my next script. I don’t want them cutting my meds cause they think I’m abusing them. That would suck more than going short for a month.

ifuckedthequeen 8/23/2015 - 2:03 pm

i fuckin love ativan. drop a few pills of that shit and im loose like a goose. my all time fave is ketamine tho. if i could get a script for that, that would be ideal

johnwhogivesashit 8/23/2015 - 6:04 pm

My doctor hasn’t objected to shit. I called like 12 places trying to get an appointment and this was the only one that got me in 2 weeks after I called everybody else said at least a month out. Literally spent like 3 minutes in there last time and he gives me 50 mil vyvanse lol. I’m just saying a doc that doesn’t dick around and gives you what you want in this case some decent drugs. I’ve heard other people say how tight their doctors are with scripts. I had a lot of people be like no way you got those doses my doctor made me come back 6 times to even get on that.

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