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Carved in Bones and Engraved in the Heart

by hogpotter

My life is a collection of twisting, winding paths. Most are dark, lonely, stormy, fiery, and led me to anger, hatred, pain, sorrow, loneliness, and fear. But there was this one particular road, full of colorful roses on either side, and led me to warmth, light, hope, beauty, content, laughter, smile, love and happiness. To know that once upon a time, I walked down this path under the warmth of the pretty blue sky, danced under the rain, and prayed under the thousand stars of the summer sky. That once upon this path I ran with laughter across the green pastures, and as I dozed off at night, I was caressed by the soft tunes of a calming lullaby. A path that was engraved in my memory and marked my soul for the rest of my life.

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divine_seagull 9/12/2015 - 1:10 am

Take me there, please.

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