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by ginasfs

this reminds me of a book i read, a website similar to this. im glad i have somewhere to vent. i just wonder why no methods are allowed to be shared, it honestly would’ve been nice. but back to the juicy stuff. i am a transgender boy in iowa. ive attempted suicide once before. parents never took me to therapy or got me on antidepressants. i came out to my parents via an email from my school. fun. they said they support me, but have not used proper pronouns, name, or discussed me being on testosterone. (i dont even know if i spelled that right.) and they wont even let my cut off my goddamn hair. im pissed and mad. my school actually respects me more than my fucking family does, and being around them is toxic; mainly to my metal health. everything is deterorating and ive been wanting to die. hm, aren’t i unique and original. perhaps when i get put over the edge ill be reincarnated into a biological boy and live a normal life without my depression and anxiety biting my ass constantly.


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a3b2c1 9/18/2015 - 2:10 am

My gender dysphoria is not as strong as yours-but I do feel I’m in the wrong body (should’ve been a girl). I find that it’s much easier physically to go ftm than mtf and T (yes you spelled it right) can help you do it.

There are major advantages in being a guy and certain disadvantages, but I think in general we have it easier than females. Still I’d be willing to put up with the hassles girls do-if I was completely passable. Though I still prefer girls (for dating) so I’d probably be a lesbian.

Can’t even consider it right now-so many other things on my plate to deal with. But maybe down the road I might pursue it wholeheartedly.

You shouldn’t let it bother you so much. Nowadays changing your gender is much easier with hormones-and it’s somewhat more accepted. However, it’s the transition part that’s the most ‘dangerous’ for a trans-person, the in-between phase. But once you go from being a girl to guy, then you’ll fit in like anyone else.

dare.poe 9/18/2015 - 2:28 am

If your parents aren’t actively beating the gender “weirdness” out of you then count your blessings. Have you told them you expect them to use forms of address you want? As far as the hair goes, cut it yourself.

I hope I’m not offending you by saying Iowa sucks hairy pig balls. I spent a month in Ida Grove in February and it gave me PTSD.

I do know that Iowa City has some decent GLBTQ support groups. You might want to check it out if you are near.

Keep in mind that there are many old people like me that could care less what your gender is or who you want to fuck or what your plumbing is like. All we care about is whether you are nice and if you can loan us $20 until next Tuesday.

Good luck in your quest to be yourself.

FunanyaTheSuicidalTransGirl 9/18/2015 - 8:21 am

Hey @ginasfs @a3b2c1, Im trans too i can relate to allot of the things being said here. Id love for all of us to exchange contact info and share our experiences and help eachother get through them. Whaddaya say? 🙂

E-mail: kingsley_okeke@live.nl

FunanyaTheSuicidalTransGirl 9/18/2015 - 10:14 am

Search for my post too : Transgender people sharing experiences!

SageSevenisdead 9/20/2015 - 12:27 pm

Yep males have it much easier than females in this life. What a horrible horrible curse to have to be a female in this life.

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