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What the hell makes you think it’s okay to try to talk me out of suicide?

by ismedyl

In what world do you feel what I feel? NONE. I feel pain in my subconscious at a cellular level this feeling does not leave me I carry it around all day all week all month and all year. You have no right to tell me I have something to live for what the fuck do you know you don’t know what I deal with… How I feel. I’m broken I tried putting myself back together but it took superglue and it’s barely together and it looks like shit because that’s what I feel like… Shit I’m a good person I give money to hobos I help people I volunteer I give blood but that’s not enough apparently for people to show me love back I give but never get anything back carma is bullshit. All I ever wanted was to find love I’ve tried and failed too many times. My heart has been smashed too many times… its dust,  you can’t put that back together now can you? So what’s the solution you find temporary companionship with a streetwalker and load the revolver don’t you dare try to tell me it’ll get better IT WONT


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donsmith78 9/18/2015 - 3:05 pm

You’re a wonderful human being please forgive people’s empathy. I cant help but to want a wonderful human being to stay here and get a chance to be happy. I understand i want to die keep getting close trying to hang myself so i cant tell you to stay. Thats said i still hope you do stay. But if you have to leave i pray it is peaceful. No one deserves to die.

v.c.333 9/18/2015 - 4:36 pm

I won’t tell you it will get better. Maybe you can just find one thing to live for everyday. One thing that keeps you here. If you want to. In the end, it is totally your decision.

melodychild 9/18/2015 - 4:43 pm

unfortunately suicide isn’t accepted by a lot of people, so their only thought is trying to talk you out if it. I usually really hate it when people try that. I don’t have the strength to hang on and make things better, I’m done, I agree with what you said, People will feel guilty if they don’t at least try to “help”

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