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Another BS Story

by disgusting

Just have to quickly rant about this. So I go through twitter for my job to find stuff to copy and tweet out for clients and I came across this bullshit story of how you can be a billionaire if you just work hard enough at it and want it bad enough. Of course it’s cis het white guy who got rich because he married rich. Yeah, that was his big break. He was born poor but he married a woman who’s family owned a big company. So he made something more out of that company. See, there’s the lie. You can work your ass off and want badly to be at least financially stable, but without some big stroke of luck like winning the lottery, marrying rich, or getting an inheritance you did or didn’t expect.


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newname 10/5/2015 - 10:40 am

Yes, people who claim you can work your way to riches are full of shit. Most new businesses fail within the first 5 yrs. It’s as high as 98% depending on who you read, but I think a realistic number is probably 85-90% based on some research I’ve done.

The vast majority of wealth is passed down, or someone had a ‘hook-up.’ Only around 10% of millionaires are ‘new’ or self-created, the rest already had money.

But it’s not impossible to get rich-if you have a really good idea and it’s well-financed, then you can probably succeed, it all comes down the market and how much demand there is for what you offer.

Think of phone apps for instance-they’re very expensive to build but a few people became billionaires off them and many became millionaires. But once again, you’d have to have the money start with or a small team of really good programmers.

Marrying into money presents its own challenges-looks, connections, reputation, etc. I’m sure the rich try to keep out outsiders-do extensive background checks and so on-they know there’s many gold-diggers out there trying to get their money.

celestial 10/5/2015 - 12:11 pm

This is my first post, I’m new here so I’d like to say hi to all before commenting. I’ve been reading many posts regarding suicide for some time and I too have my reasons for doing so which I won’t get into now.

Many people will try to tell us we’re wrong in one way or another for our perception of our own lives, well I’d like to tell you from my own personal experiences along with extensive research, you’re right.
Luck plays a huge role in everyone’s life, some have it and others don’t. Many tend to disagree of course, “a person makes their own luck”, that’s the common sentiment that’s forced down our throats all our lives. Well that’s all a bunch of bumper sticker BS. Please don’t get me wrong, many out there are lazy and expect success to be handed to them without having to work for it, but then there’s the hard working exceptions like myself that seem to have the worst luck when it comes to meeting others.

In short, when it comes to working with humans as a team, your success is in their hands, choose the wrong humans to work with and the results will be catastrophic. It’s all about luck.

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