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Is it possible…

by depressednihilist95

to say too much?

If this is the only life that we are going to live through, and our only chance at happiness, isn’t it a bit worth sharing emotions and passions to the point that it becomes awkward? Isn’t that what being a human is all about?

My trouble with relationships is the mundane. Fuck the weather. Fuck sports. Fuck fashion. Fuck Hollywood. I’d rather talk about us and the silly memories that we’ve been through, and, of course, the bad ones too. Others in my life, however, do they desire these relationships like I do?

I yearn for passionate relationships but get stuck when someone tells me about something new in the media. I get that we, as humans, like things like sports (unless you’re me), but do relationships formed mainly on interests last? What if you go blind and can’t watch TV anymore? Will your friends still like you if you stop dressing nicely? I’m just thinking here, so feel free to express your opinions and experiences by all means.


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SeeSmith 10/1/2015 - 11:02 pm

Do relationships formed mainly on interests last? Of course. I’d say the optimal mix is 60% common interests and 40% non shared interests that the other partner finds interesting.

You gotta remember interests can also be physical activities. Running, Camping, Dancing, Museum-going-to, Homeless-feeding. Endorphine producing activities will weld two people together like… something that gets welded.

It’s all filters. Everybody learns to filter out incompatible potential partners. This is a big help for finding a mate and, of course, a trap on occasion.

Trix 10/2/2015 - 6:12 am

I feel the same sometimes, especially when I know someone who only talks about celebrities or TV. I always want something deeper. Always talking about those topics kind of pulls me away from relationships and into a world I feel quite disconnected to. Part of that is my depression, but part of it’s just me.

I don’t think it matters how relationships are formed in the first place. If there’s chemistry and especially if you go through any meaningful experiences with that person, they’ll last. If it’s only based on keeping up with TV together, it’s probably quite shallow.

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