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let’s vibe :)

by L0STgirl

thousands and thousands of miles may separate us but we are all somehow connected in a weird type of way. nobody really understand us so we all find ourselves here writing as a last ditch effort to miraculously get saved. writing eases my mind and it feels as if the weight of the world somehow gets lifted off my shoulders for a hot second. but lets face it, this site is not interactive enough for me. really looking to make more friends who understands the struggles I continue to face day in and day out. so email me and lets vibe. email: splostgirl hope to hear from ya’ll soon xoxo.

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RT :) 10/23/2015 - 8:29 am

Could not relate to you enough. You wrote as if words got snatched from my mouth.
Except that, i never got reciprocated in the intense way, that i felt.

But if you did, you are one lucky person.

I now believe that my intensity is one sided too; But now, i call her sister; as she is married and have kids and i just want to see her happy; all i wanted after her marriage was just to see that she getting along with her life, happily. She was the most trustworthy person i ever encountered in my life and i shared everything with her and due to some misunderstanding i managed to make her angry with me I have sorry to her multiple times. In my frustration made her even more mad. I was no able to convey my care and affection. Instead in my anger, as i was expecting a lot from a 10 years old net-friendship, that she will be able to relate and understand. Instead she blocked me and shut down every connection with me, I asked her, if i am a threat and she lied and told me after a decade of friendship that “I am a nobody”…you know it feel like in ruins….if leaving me in ruins would make her happy, so let it be, she could have said a friend, brother or class fellow but no, she chosen to made me realize that i am a nobody. She was feeling so much insecure from me. If only i could tell her and make her realize “weird connection”. May be my weird connection is also one sided; and i am just a delusional psycho.

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