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by Owlman

In my previous post, http://suicideproject.org/?p=359010, I mentioned my life with chronic pain. I’ve been becoming more self abusive and suicidal. Trying to find new ways to cope. Family is pulling more and more away no matter how much I try to be apart of their lives. I shaved my head today. It made me feel better somewhat. I don’t feel as hideous as I did yesterday. Feeling a little bit more normal. At least it would be a handsome corpse. Lol. Bad joke, but I believe more people will have that sense of humor here. Just wish I could find an outlet to find happiness.

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Trix 10/30/2015 - 10:30 pm

I’m sorry your family’s been pulling away. I just read your previous post. I can’t really imagine what you’ve been through. For trying to cope with physical and mental pain, some people practice deep relaxation techniques. I think trying to keep in touch with people is important too – new ones who understand your situation better, if the older ones are growing more distant. I’m also trying to find new ways to cope and it isn’t easy, but the main thing is to give them a chance before you give up on them. I think that’s the hardest part. I hope you find some things to make it easier soon.

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