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There was a boy and a girl

by thelost

There was a boy and a girl. The two of them in a world that does not forgive mistakes. The boy had just come to this place, a place unlike any other. He knew not what to do, what was expected of him, he was ignorant.

The girl had been here for far too long, longer than the boy could ever imagine. She had learned long ago this place was strange and could not be compared to others.

The boy came here with scars covering him, too many to count and too many to see. He knew pain, oh he knew it well. It was like a mother’s love to him.

The girl hated the pain, saw it for the poison it was, the way it tore through her.

The boy had met her a few times, fleeting moments in time, but he remembered her when they met again.

She had noticed him too, saw him in a way that was deceiving, painting him in a light where the scars were no longer visible. Then she had stopped. Stopped what? She didn’t know, and she wasn’t meant to. They had gone their separate ways, found others to spend their times with.

The boy had been happy, almost euphoric in the way he felt.

The girl had been the happiest she’d known in a long time. This continued for a time, this happiness, but it shattered for them both at the same time.

The boy had realized the other was not happiness, but he fought for it, for he loved the pain. Even now he loved it.

The girl, had seen her other for what he was, and, hating the pain, left. She found a new other, an other that would never let her down, an other that made her happier than she’d ever been.

The boy continued on with his addiction to the pain. Enduring every time when it got particularly bad.

The girl was flying, and she was certain this could never end.

Seeing through the pain, through all the lies he’d told himself, the boy ran.

The girl had seen through this perfect prison. Seen the pain that lurked beneath the surface. She could not run, no. This is too much to run from.

The boy was free but he was not happy, no there was no more pain to infect him with, but he felt nothing with the pain gone. His other had robbed him of the pleasure of sensation.

The girl began to hurt again, she had traded places with the boy and was beginning to love the pain. To love the thing that tore through all the perfection and the lies.

The boy realized he was a fool for never knowing her before. He regretted every moment he’d spent doubting her. He wanted her, and it was bad

The girl however, was in no position to reciprocate what she may have once felt. She had to say no, even as they pressed their lips together.

The boy felt happy, felt he had done good. He was so wrong.

She was back in love with the pain again the very next day. She told herself it would be different this time, it would be better.

The boy lived in bitterness from her rejection. He did many foolish things out of spite to her.

The girl sent him off to fend for himself.

The boy went through many changes, even partaking in the pain occasionally. He never did fall in love with it again though.

One day the girl saw through all the lies again. It terrified her to see it all so clearly. She called upon the boy to help her. To please save her.

Knowing what he must do, the boy did his best to ease the pain and suffering. He tried to help. He had gained her favor and her forgiveness yet again.

She was not ready to leave the nurturing embrace of the poison however, and the new friendship almost failed in that time. It was obvious what they had now was different than before however and it survived through it.

The boy saw what was happening, and made a bold move. He intended to recreate what had happened before. The electricity of their lips touching, two souls alone in the dark.

She pushed him away. It was wrong of him to try to do this, especially now. She explained why.

Having ashamed himself once again, the boy returned to his home. The boy continued his friendship, although it was greatly strained.

After she had thrust the poison away from her she regretted it. She wanted it back, was begging for it to return to her.

The boy wouldn’t let her though, he just couldn’t. He tried to help and he failed. He only made things worse in the end.

She could not forgive him for what he had done. How dare he? How dare he play the part of a god in her life? What gave him that right?

The boy left her, but the friendship remained.


So here he is, writing down another story.

Another story to wet her eyes and make her hurt

A story to make her understand

How much he cares


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Hazy Day Sunflower 10/26/2015 - 8:28 pm

Thank you for sharing this. For a moment I thought perhaps you were talking about something in my life. My blood turned cold for a second and I thought….do I know this person….

It was delicious and a little terrifying.

thelost 10/26/2015 - 8:50 pm

well of course I set out with the purpose to scare the hell out of you

Hazy Day Sunflower 10/26/2015 - 8:53 pm

Naturally, since you were describing my 17 year old self, which was some years back. And it is Halloween season after all.

thelost 10/26/2015 - 9:00 pm

You know what they say, history repeats itself.

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