November 23rd, 2015by Take a Deep Breath

His mask- it looked as though smoke had curled around his eyes and his nose, daring to rest atop his cheek bones. Rosy lips broke into a blinding grin as he saw me waltz toward him. God he was handsome. A mope of curly black hair, suntanned skin and eyes so blue you could lose yourself in them. His dapper tuxedo emphasized his broad shoulders, long legs and toned arms… this man was mine. He rushed towards me and lifted me from the ground, twirling me round and round till we were breathless with laughter and life. I itched to peel his mask from his face, but I knew, what with the masked ball, it would be frowned upon…

I couldn’t speak. She was a goddess… dressed to kill in a stunning blue gown that hugged her full hips, tiny waist, and full breasts. Her curly blonde hair cascaded around her, reaching as low and her lower back. Of course, the dress had basically no back and a very low front… he grinned. His girl loved to be sexy and classy, all at the same time. As she slowly strutted down the stairs, he couldn’t keep his feet from falling towards her. His hands moved to her warm waist and picked her up, twirling her about in ecstasy. He knew that stupid damned grin was back on his face, but then again, there was a blinding smile on her face. Ice blue eyes, enclosed by a ring of blue so dark it was almost black, locked onto his. A silent exchange was made between the two. He was hers; she was his. She smelled of horses and apples, and he almost groaned in appreciation.

The two souls were caught in an inferno of love and laughter and life- but all infernos eventually run out of fuel.

Sorry you guys I just had to let this little story out… it’s me and my ex, and I’ve been thinking about him lately…. I am just trying to figure out what I did wrong.

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