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The long night

by rainyday

9 months has passed, the baby was ready to be born. The mother went to the hospital and the amniotic liquid started running through out her legs. The doctor called her, come on, go to bed, everything will be alright.

The mother is worried, she is not feeling the baby movements. She looked down her tummy and felt it empty. There are other people around her, everybody is telling her that she is ok, she just need to be patience and wait for the long hours of labors. But she is insisting, please, he is a good doctor, but I trust more my doctor from the other hospital, look for him, something is wrong. What about is the baby is not in position? Someone have to check the baby, someone has to guarantee me that the baby, my baby is ok.

In another room there is a house, and also an empty neighbor house. They have an alarm at home, but no one knew it. A girl go to the house, she entered by the back door, she wanted to know if everything was ok at the neighbor house, boom. The detonator was activated, when girl opened the door she received a high voltage swap, her face was burnt just below her left eye. She started running erratic. The aunt is desperate at home, yelling for help, “please save the girl” Now, silence, the police officers are there, they are closing the space with yellow bands protecting the sanctity of the crime scene, announcing another catastrophic event. The little girl is calming her nerves. The woman at the hospital is entering labor. The chaos is dissipating.

Another night, a new morning, like that bad dream, nothing new here, just the same sadness and wretchedness. In some place there are new babies coming to this world, babies with hope of a better future ahead. There are other places where a sad mistake is taking the life and sanity to good people. There are cases that has been closed with impunity. There are victims that will never recover what they have lost. There are order in the name of the chaos. In some place there are a woman like me, that the only thing that can do with what she has left in her life is write, even so, she cannot do that right either.

Some day, that woman will reborn, just in the right place, on the right time and she will live the life she and her children deserves. She will have her babies in Freedom, they will be happy, she will trust again and her family will be again what she has always dreamed. Some day, no just in her dream, this woman will come alive again.


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jano.11 11/4/2015 - 11:34 am

great words of a great woman .. you impressed me .. <3

rainyday 11/5/2015 - 7:38 am

Thanks jano for your words of encouragement. I did not write it looking to impress. I wrote it to empty my pain in this little space, in front of the eyes of strangers, people like you that help me to live one day more. Instilling me some hope on humanity, after all you or any of you know me, and you are there, dedicating part of your time of reading my crazy words. I really appreciate, thanks so much for be there, for filling my empty life with letters and positive voices. Thanks.

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