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Don’t even know what it is.

by nextime1988

Have you ever heard of feral children???

Feral children are those who have been adopted and raised by animals, which means even if they are brought back to societythey will always been impaired people why?

“Feral children lack the basic social skills that are normally learned in the process of enculturation. For example, they may be unable to learn to use a toilet, have trouble learning to walk upright after walking on fours all their life, and display a complete lack of interest in the human activity around them. They often seem mentally impaired and have almost insurmountable trouble learning a human language. The impaired ability to learn a natural language after having been isolated for so many years is often attributed to the existence of a critical period for language learning, and taken as evidence in favor of the critical period hypothesis. ”  in wikipedia

Now these are extreme cases but likewise you can’t demand respect from smeone  who has never been respected, because they just don’t what it is it’s like foreign language they just can’t grasp.

And just as the same way you can’t expect or demand love from someone who has neber been loved…and that is one of the biggest problems with today’s society, no one knows anymore how to genuinely love themselves and others…thats why there are so many lonely people and 90% of relationships wont last even 5 years

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Hazy Day Sunflower 12/16/2015 - 2:18 pm

Interesting premise. It is true about the critical time for language and love.

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