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I dont know

by Audreyparker

I said i wasnt gonna come on here but i dont know what the fuck im doing because im going to a dance with a nice boy tonight but im almost crying right now because i think i look fucking stupid and i dont even wanna go to the dance and i have to meet his parents before it so his mom can take pictures and if they analyze me they’ll probably notice my wrists and i dont want them to and this boy deserves someone better who isnt anxious like i am

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bruiseviolet 12/12/2015 - 4:14 pm

Try and calm down. Breathe! You are not thinking rationally because you are super nervous. You do want to go to the dance because you got a dress and everything. The boy wants to go to the dance with you. Meeting the parents before will be awful but that is probably going to happen to everyone going to the dance. You will survive it. It doesn’t really matter what his parents think. Stay calm. If you have a shitty time at least you will know you tried. If you call off you will hate yourself worse. You can do this. It will be fine. Everyone going to the dance is scared, nervous, anxious and generally bloody terrified right now. It will be fine.

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