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by whatevs

It was going really well for a while. There was a girl I loved, and she loved me back. I was happy with her. Then we broke up… She told me she had too much school work and anxiety over it, and that her mom told her to (this is 11th grade, mind you). I was completely fucked to begin with but I was okay. I thought I moved on with my life. Then, out of nowhere, she sends me a picture of her with a guy. The fucking *****. I hadn’t talked to her in a month (pretty much since the break-up). I texted her and she said the guy had sent it, she didn’t know. But bullshit. And suddenly all my fucking emotions opened. She told me she lied about why we broke up, that she really broke up with me because she can’t love anybody. She fucking lied to me earlier, twice. It just hurts so much and I still love her I can’t stop.

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