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“For I am Death” : Literary Exercise

I AM DEATH! Make way one and all

Give me way, for here’s my queue

I am the cliff from which you will fall

From the tears of the beloved, I’ll make myself a devil’s brew.


I’m here, there, I’m everywhere;

Don’t try escaping, for your destiny is locked and I have the key

A baby, a mother, a wee puppy, your lover?

This is the face I use to show I care

Fight me not, just let it be.


I make big men cry,

I make demons laugh

I’ll take your loved ones, don’t ask me why

For like a carpenter does with wood, from you I’ll make a craft.


Come to me, for I have the answer

I’m a serpent, an eagle; I prey on the free, fake and feeble

I’ll gun you down, beat you senseless

I’ll tie the rope, I’ll give you dope

For more than a thousand demons I am evil.


He loves you, he loves you not

In a matter of seconds, I’ll give you life anew

Here’s the gun, there’s your head

Don’t be afraid, join the queue


And when it has all been said and done

I’ll show you fun, I’ll give you pleasure

I’ll be your moon and your sun,

And you will forever be my priceless treasure.

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Hazy Day Sunflower 1/24/2016 - 1:43 pm

This darkness you seek is
the sunshine that fell yesterday
in a field next to my yard.

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