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I’m tired of waiting to die

Ive neen hopelessly suicidal my entire life. I’ll never make anything of myself i tried. Im just waiting for deaths sweet embrace to end my suffering. I hate this shit. I hate tv, back pain, all I do is eat and im emotionally fucked up all the time.

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PhantomCitizen43 1/13/2016 - 8:16 am

I feel like that sometimes. Sometimes I feel as you say like Im never going to amount to anything in life and that I am just suffering and waiting to die. Ive tried to kill myself a number of time but never accomplished that. What a loser I am. I cant even end my own pathetic life correctly
the only thing that keeps me going is my sense of humor about it. (lol) and my belief in God.
I guess I just keep trying to believe that eventually I will die and that the afterlife with be much better for me than this life

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