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Another Day

by RoseThatsIt

Another day living in this disenchanted society. In society I am not enchanting. In society I have to live a certain way and look a certain way. I cannot fit into this category. I can barely live. I am turning insane. I want to drop out of this cruel life I live in vain.

I am extremely exhausted of being in this world. So much is asked of me. On the outside is nothing but me and I am nothing to me. I hate walking around pretending to be like everybody else. I hate the falseness. Society is one false sob. Every single person idolized is full of it. Plastic surgery, implants, Botox. To all this hierarchy of bullshit I have failed. Real is identified by these everyday feelings other people like myself have felt. I hate the routine everyday life I live. No one around me has a clue how difficult it is to try to fit in to this false life I live everyday.

Have you ever wanted to be something and worked hard only to have all of your hard work go towards nothing at all. Feeling like a lost cause. Feeling ill like nothing at all. I’ve tried and tried and I am lost in life my demons terrorizing my mind….


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Mf 2/25/2016 - 5:14 pm

Yup, had that happen many many times, more than i can remember honestly. It gets really difficult to keep on trying, yet i still continue to do so (even if i times i don’t even understand why). Thanks for sharing this, even if i have no advice or solution, sometimes it’s sort of nice to read someone else feels similar regarding life and society.

Snow Fox 2/25/2016 - 6:33 pm

While I agree with you that society definitely has it’s standards and there’s a very real pressure to conform, to fit in, and to be the person that other people want you to be, I don’t think you should have to force yourself to do it because of other people. Sure, if fitting in makes you feel happier or makes things better, go for it, but if all it is doing is making you miserable, be you and ignore everyone around you who is putting up these false images.

A lot easier to say than do of course, but just a thought, at least in regards to the falseness. You might not make friends by being you, might even lose a few, but maybe having things that are honest and true around you will be worth it. Or just a thought experiment, either way. Hope you feel better rose.

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