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Why is it important?

by Dungeon

Why do I find my morality, my principels to be so important. Is it because it is who I am, my very essence or protecting my pride from becoming like those who disgust me. Why do I care about others if I believe everything has no purpose, that our constant struggle is meaningless? I guess one could say that reality is based off one’s perception making any belief a truth. Although the world is non-existent to me those around me seem to see it. Maybe I’ve been sitting in the dark too long, maybe if I left my eyes open long enough I could see the sun. But I won’t, the light hurts my eyes and I will keep them shut. I will not feel the pain you so desperately wan’t me to see. Even if the warmth you feel is as charming as I imagine it, I will sit in my shadows and wait. And wait until I am completely nothing as is my meaning of life, my truth.

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