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by Drowning

i find it so hard to express how I’m really feeling or mayb I don’t know how I’m feeling

so the mental health people come to check up on me every 3 days now because what happened on Monday well the woman asked do I regret doing it I pursed and said noI don’t….

because my life is pretty much a mess I don’t know what to do were to start lost interest in everything I’m bored of life iv seen enough and been though a lot why be optimistic ? Yeah things can get better but finding happiness is what counts and I don’t tink il ever be happy deep down but things could also get worst so why stick around I don’t have a purpose for being here Im mentally and phsically drained and haven’t got the energy to be soul searching for my place on earth I feel alienated here anyways depersonalised

im floating though life hitting every fuckin branch in sight rant over


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PhantomCitizen43 3/24/2016 - 9:15 pm

be careful what you say to these people that are checking up to you. You could wind up hospitlized again for long term if you say the wrong things. And I will tell you life in those places is not very cool. I think you need to try to be more open minded about life. You seem to have this idea that life could never be good for you, but the truth is that it can be. Try to look at things with a spirit of optimism and a good sense of humor too. Life isnt that bad. also Try drinking some beer and get laid too.. those to things will do you some good. It works for me.

Hazy Day Sunflower 3/24/2016 - 11:24 pm

Hi Drowning. I love your last sentence “im floating though life hitting every fuckin branch in sight”. I got this amazing visual of me at the top of a giant fir tree and looking down as you are falling and your hand is reaching up as you fall. The snow is falling all around us, it is so cold I can see my breath and the wind is brutal. But you are falling away and down down down hitting these fir branches and the snow is falling from them and then all I see is green fir and you are gone.

I’m glad you aren’t gone Drowning. I’m glad you continue to reach out your hand and come here to post your thoughts.

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