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Mine Alone

by Alfred1688

I told you to move on and not look back

I thought I was clear when we made that pact

I told you so many times to go away

Why won’t you listen to the words I say

Leave me behind from where I fell

It is my own fault that I landed in hell

There is nothing you can do today or tomorrow

So let me drown in my own sorrow

There is a reason for this selfish request

Trust me when I say it is for the best

This pain and suffering is mine alone

This dark and cold place is now my home

Your presence is only making the pain worse

There is nothing you can do to remove my curse

I already accepted the devil’s insanity

I don’t want you to witness me losing my humanity

There is no saving me, it’s already too late

Go away before you share the same fate

Go away my Angel, I don’t need your bright light

The Demon I am becoming only survives in the dark night

I warn you not to cross that final line

You barely got away the first time

You had your wings broken and could barely fly

Come again and you will surely die

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