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*No real intent*

by aspie

I’m so sorry for being a terrible person.

I will never be a doctor.

I would make an awful husband and father.

I regent putting everyone though hell.

 Thank you Mom for always being there for me, please forgive me.

I’m sorry Katie for all the harassment I inflicted upon you and your friends.

I’m a coward for doing this.

I deserve nothing more then to be Satin’s *****

God let my condemnation provide justice for all my victims


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aspie 3/24/2016 - 7:07 am

Its a apology letter

PhantomCitizen43 3/24/2016 - 9:16 am

It does sound like a sincere apology. Now that you have apologized sincerely. I think it would be best to forgive yourself for mistakes you have made in the past and now move forward. Everybody makes mistakes. Let your past be done and start fresh from here.

aspie 3/24/2016 - 10:06 pm

Thanks phantom

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