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people here irritate me

by rayonhousefly

So I can often relate, I have and continue to struggle with multiple mood disorders and suicidal thoughts/tendencies. What really irritates me, even though I understand, is the constant barrage of teeny boppers who always say the same thing: This is just how life is, this is how it will always be, and theres nothing I can do to change it. I understand the feeling of helplessness very well, I just wish they could understand that all they are doing by surrendering unconditionally to their situation is admitting defeat. Once you stop fighting, the battle may as well be lost. As long as you are still fighting, still trying, there is hope. So never stop fighting, never stop trying, and eventually you WILL make it. You won’t get everything you’ve ever desired, but you can gain quite a lot. It truly does get easier the more experience/wisdom you acquire. So don’t give up, don’t stop fighting, don’t admit defeat, because once you do, the battle is already over. Good luck. I just wanted to leave you all with a little bit of hope before I head off to bed, because it does exist. Keep hope alive, and you will keep YOURSELF, and more important, YOUR SOUL(if you believe in that) alive. Have a good night all, I believe in you.


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claritee 3/31/2016 - 4:48 am

How’s the weather up there on your soapbox?

nepheliad 3/31/2016 - 5:03 am

It makes me very sad when people spontaneously commit emotionally charged suicides without having a chance to try to turn their life around, but if we’re being realistic, for some there really is very little hope. Maybe it’s their mental illness, maybe it’s serious physical illnesses, or perhaps they were in an accident that left them injured or triggered mental health issues. How can you fix someone who’s brain and/or body just isn’t working anymore?

The little things in day to day life that most people take for granted can be enough to set a suicidal person off and leave them in a confused, troubled and dark place for the rest of the day. Having a good day, where one is free from anxiety and depressed thoughts, can be rare. Should people be forced to suffer forever? They can try to cling to something, but that’s not always enough.

whiskered-fish 3/31/2016 - 7:32 am

Sometimes, people fight and try as hard as they can for years, and never get better.
Look at it this way. Most of the people here on this forum are a lot older than me. Most of them also were already depressed and/or suicidal by the time that they were my age. But they kept pushing onwards and hoping and striving for a relief that never came, for decades and decades. And yet they all still ended up here. If they had known, at my age, that they’d still be this way at thirty, forty, fifty then I have reason to suspect that most of them would’ve offed themselves right then on the spot.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather die now than when I’m in my forties or fifties and completely broken down by the torture of false hope.

another_scorcher 3/31/2016 - 8:10 am

Amen to whiskered-fish. I’m not a teeny bopper, try closer to half a century older, but what whiskered-fish said is a lot more logical that “keep fighting”. Because I’ve kept fighting my entire life, and I still end up in this dark hopeless place. Different things work for different people. And many things don’t work for different people. And some things don’t work at all, but they sound good on paper.

another_scorcher 3/31/2016 - 8:10 am

*logical than “keep fighting”. typo

Deadinside59 3/31/2016 - 8:58 am

Yes this is how life is and it’s how it’ll always be it’s really easy to say keep fighting or be thankful for what you have when you’re not in that person’s shoes a lot of people have given up and basically walk around just dead inside you could steal the clothes off their back and they wouldn’t fight you, you could hit them and they would just fall because there’s no longer a spark words mean nothing to them some people fight and fight and things just won’t change sometimes it’s the sad reality

saudade07 3/31/2016 - 10:02 am

i like the title of this post.

rayonhousefly 3/31/2016 - 6:52 pm

Sorry, I was in a really strange mood last night. I’m back to “normal” now.

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